Kub Kar Rally - 2018

It's time to build your kars!

The Heritage Area Kub Kar Rally is fast approaching!

Who: All Heritage Area Cubs and Leaders

When: Saturday, March 24, 2018 (9:30am - 2:00pm) Set-up starts at 9AM

Where: Old Ottawa Tech High School, 440 Albert St, Ottawa - Map

Cost: $10 for Cubs, $2 for crests

Contact: Scouter Henry

Registration: Registration Form

The annual Kub Kar Rally is designed for FUN, FUN and nothing but FUN for everyone!

The main event is a 20 race endurance rally by all Cubs.

Emphasis is on participation, "doing your best," and racing, racing, RACING DOWN THE TRACKS!

Note to Parents and/or Leaders: Kub Kars are meant to be a fun, learning experience and designed for self-esteem building - like most Cubs activities! Please allow Cubs to express their own creativity and individuality by encouraging them to come up with their own designs and decoration. Adults are most definitely needed to help out using the power tools to ensure the design is cut to the Cub's specifications. Adults can also help out with hot glue guns, affixing wheels and adding weights. And don't forget cheering for them on race day!! They'll really appreciate it.

Some ideas for designs - Click here

Basic Rules

  • Cubs are to have fun

  • Cars must be 142g or less

  • Only people allowed on gym floor are Cubs and people working the event. Parents who are watching can sit in the gallery. Any parents who are helping must have been approved by the Pack’s Group Committee.


  • Fastest 3 cars

  • KOOL KAR awards

  • Tom Pasch trophy for Pack with highest participation rate
  • Leader award (races)